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Showdown at Sanford Field – Hillsboro

July 13
Showdown at Sanford field!! Come join us celebrate vintage drag racing at a historic air strip. Located in the beautiful driftless area of western Wi. The Hillsboro Drag-a-way llc has welcomed us to risk it all for your viewing enjoyment. This event will feature 1937 and older traditional built hot rods, rail dragsters and motorcycles. This race is for flatheads only(except rail class) engines allowed up to 1953. This event will also feature a 1966 and older traditional Hot Rod car show. We have limited space for the show(100cars)The car show will be available until Full soo plan accordingly. No saving spots. first come first served. There will be Four car classes for racing and one motorcycle class. All entry fees will go directly to the track for improvements.
The Brew City Gassers will be making exhibition passes throughout the day!!
Only 100 racing entries will be accepted.
The Hillsboro Drag-a-way is an 1/8th mile Track
This race is a traditional period correct event. No modern equipment or Wheels will be allowed. 1953 is the cutoff for all parts. Reproduction parts are OK.
Tires must be Dot street legal 8 inch max width.
No Raised white lettered tires. Tires can be flipped inside. White walls are OK.
Banger 4cyl 1937 and older.
(No Fenders, Coupe, Roadster, Sedan)
V8 1937 and older.
(No Fenders, Coupe, Roadster, Sedan)
Rail Dragster engines up to 1953.
(No modern tube chassis)
Door Swinger car/truck 1953 and older flathead only. (must have fenders)
Motorcycle Class American made Flatheads
Knuckleheads allowed
all bikes must be race ready/stripped down. No choppers.
All race vehicles must have a visable number on both sides of the vehicle this number will be yours to choose and will be attached to your Registration when you sign in at the event. All entry fees will go directly to the track for improvements.
Rain date July 14th 2023
All classes must be steel cars without fenders(except Door Swinger class)
All Classes must have seatbelts.
Dot certified helmets are required.
(No full face Helmets )
All racers must wear full length pants and shoes. Vintage clothing is encouraged !!
$100 for race entry
(all entry Fees go directly to the track)
$20 for 66 and older car show(limited space 100 cars)
All Racers that were Registered for 2023 will not have to submit entry for 2024.
send all photos for race entry vehicles to Showdownatsanfordfield@gmail.com
for race entry Registration questions ??
year make and model
hop up modifications

Hillsboro Drag-Away/Joshua Sanford Field

Hillsboro, United States

Bob Fast